Give Your Kids A Headstart

Waging The War Against Tooth Decay

One of the most important reasons that children should receive pediatric dental care at an early age is so that they will become accustomed to the environment of the office. Hopefully, they will avoid the fear and anxiety that their parents may have experienced when facing their own first dental procedure. Trying to convince a child who is already feeling the pain that a toothache can bring to go to the dentist will only cause further agitation.

The primary teeth are the first ones that your child will have, and they are more vulnerable to decay and damage from injury. As your child begins to gain mobility and explore the world around them, your toddler is more apt to take a spill that could result in a cracked or broken tooth. Also, his or her tooth enamel is not as strong as an adult’s and is extremely susceptible to acid attacks which is another argument in the case for limiting the amount of sugar he or she consumes. Sugar + oral bacteria = tooth decay.

Hopefully, the first several visits to the kids dentist in Aurora will be for educational purposes and to let your child get to know the dentist and hygienist and get comfortable in the surroundings. Dentists go out of their way to create an atmosphere of friendliness and to cater to the interests of the patients that they treat and the concerns of the parents who have entrusted their children’s care to the practice.

The outer office should reflect the efforts of the staff to make the children feel welcome. There might be a creative corner filled with drawing paper and crayons or markers, or a video game center for the older kids. A lot of dentists have chosen to adopt a particular theme with a popular animated character as the center attraction which goes over well with the kids and frees up the parents to deal with necessary paperwork or scheduling future appointments.

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