Questions to Ask an Aurora Pediatric Dentist During Your First Visit

Children Smiling in Dental Clinic - Aurora Pediatric Dentist

Taking your child to their first pediatric dentist appointment can be nerve-racking. There is probably going to be a lot on your mind, and you want to make sure your child is getting the best care possible. There may be a lot of questions running through your mind, and there are going to be things your child will want to know too. It is important to know that it is okay to have questions. It is also okay to ask them.

No question is a silly question. Your Aurora pediatric dentist will be ready to answer any questions you may have! Alongside any personal questions you may have, we have provided a few questions you should ask your dentist as well as a brief answer. If you want more detailed explanations, please do not hesitate to contact us!

What should I expect from the first visit?

Every first visit will be different for each patient. It is different because it depends on when your first visit is. A patient can start to come in around the ages of one and four years old. The first visit also depends on the level of anxiety and dental concerns a parent may have. Every first visit will, however, include an examination of the patient’s teeth.

How is a pediatric dentist different from a family dentist?

Your Aurora pediatric dentist has the training to properly care for children’s teeth and their gums from infancy to adolescence. Along with the staff, the offices themselves are designed for children to help them feel comfortable when they visit the dentist

Are baby teeth important?

Baby teeth fall out over time, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t matter. Baby teeth or primary teeth set the stage for the future adult teeth that will eventually take their place. Baby teeth also can impact the way children talk and chew. Keeping these teeth healthy now will help to create good dental habits that will continue. 

How often should my child get a dental checkup?

For adults, it is recommended that they visit their dentist every six months. For children, it is about the same. Your Aurora pediatric dentist can let you know when and how often your child should be seen based on their teeth.  

How can my child practice good oral hygiene at home?

Believe it or not, at home, hygiene starts with parents! As long as you lead a good example for your children and show them how much you take care of your teeth, they will want to do the same. It is critical to watch what your children eat as well; limiting snacks that are high in sugar will help maintain healthy teeth.

When do baby teeth usually fall out?

Baby teeth can start falling out between the ages of six and eight. It is common for baby teeth to fall out in the order that they grew out. However, every child is different, so if you have concerns, please do not be afraid to reach out. 

When you visit your Aurora pediatric dentist for the first time, we hope you ask questions that will give you clarity about oral hygiene. We are readily available to answer all your questions and are more than happy to sit and explain anything you wish. If you need to book an appointment for your child, contact Epic Dentistry for Kids in Aurora, CO! We’re happy to help.