Specific Care For Braces

Early orthodontic treatment may be recommended if your child’s jaw is misaligned or if there is a problem with the positioning of the dental arches where his teeth are held. Some cases are believed to be more easily treated while the jaw and teeth are still developing, around the ages of 6 or seven years. Of course younger children will need more guidance but at whatever age your child receives orthodontic treatment the outcome will be most successful if he takes good care of his braces while they are in place.

Thorough brushing with a soft bristle brush is best for cleaning around the wires and brackets of the braces and along the gum-line as well. A Waterpik can be a great help in getting to those hard to reach places between the teeth which may prove even more difficult to get to with braces on. A fluoride toothpaste is highly recommended and since the brands come in such a wide variety of colors and flavors your child can have fun picking one.

Rubber bands are often used in correlation with braces to help in correcting alignment. They should be replaced every day and removed when eating and when cleaning the teeth and braces and then reinstated.

As useful as it is a Waterpik should not be used as a substitute for flossing. It will be harder to floss considering that there is now wire on each of his teeth but using a dental floss threader will help your child manage it. Use a new piece of floss for each tooth.

Your child’s braces will need to be adjusted from time to time and his teeth will be more sensitive after the procedure. A temporary diet of soft foods and liquids will be recommended. Children who have been fitted with braces should always avoid sticky foods and chewing gum. Your Aurora pediatric dentist or orthodontist will give you a detailed list of do’s and don’ts to refer to while maintaining proper care of your child’s braces.

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