Start Early For The Best Results

Pediatric dental care is unique in that it is totally committed to the care and treatment of children of all ages, through to adulthood. The practice is also given over to the specific concerns of those young people who have special needs.

The particular circumstances that a pediatric dental candidate confronts during his advanced training is much more realistic than any pediatric treatment scenario that he experienced in his entire four years of general dental school studies.

Pediatric dentists urge parents to bring their children in for a preliminary check- up at the first sign of teething. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Academy of Pediatrics both advise “First visit by first birthday.” This first visit is geared toward starting a program of good oral hygiene in order to reduce the number of cavities a child will have to undergo in the early years of his childhood. Dr. Nanna’s pediatric dentistry post about why you should take your one-year-old to the dentist is a great resource to reference if you’d like to learn more.

Preventive measures such as the proper use of fluoride, how to manage thrumsucking, and how to make the home more accident proof will all be discussed with your pediatric dentist. Diet is closely associated with oral health at all stages of life. Your dentist can give you important information about “baby bottle tooth decay” and how to avoid it.

As your child grows so will his dental needs. Your pediatric dentist in Aurora will explain the importance of the primary teeth and the need to keep them healthy. He will introduce you to the hygienist who will describe the way she will clean your child’s teeth at regular intervals for added prevention against decay.

Pediatric dental offices are equipped to cater to children with special needs. The early visit will enable your pediatric dentist to observe your child and work with you to implement a home care plan that your child will be able to take part in and be excited about doing.

Prevention and early treatment when necessary is the goal of Epic Dentistry for Kids in Aurora. They are enthusiastic to work with parents to prevent childhood dental diseases and give children the healthy smile that they deserve. Call the office @ 720-721-3600.