The Introduction Of Cutting Edge Technology Has Changed Pediatric Dentistry

Thanks to modern innovations the perception that children have about going to the dentist has changed – for the better! Pediatric dentists in particular have turned their offices into places where kids look forward to coming. There’s no more having to sit quietly while nervously waiting for the appointment to start. Now there are videos to watch, games to play and various activities to enjoy, all contained in a kid friendly atmosphere.

Technology has changed too. The new concept of “minimally invasive dentistry” has introduced ways to keep children free of the anxiety and dread that the thought of a dental procedure used to bring. The sound and fury of the dental drill is in many cases a thing of the past, being replaced with a laser beam.

Digital x-rays promise a lower dosage of radiation. This is a big plus for parents who worry about having their children overly exposed. The process is so precise that digital x-rays rarely miss detection, and results are seen on the spot. Big floppy x-ray pictures were awkward to package and send off for referral. Digital images are handled electronically.

Regular dental cleanings are essential to the prevention of cavities and the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. Today dental hygienists rely on laser treatments instead of all that scraping and scaling that used to happen. If your child sticks to a six month schedule there should be a minimal amount of plaque if any to remove, and the possibility of infection greatly decreases.

Intra oral cameras have made it possible for the dentist to make a video of the oral exam while he is performing it. This allows him to show patients and parents alike what the exam has revealed. If further treatment is recommended the dentist will be able to better explain the reasons why.

PedoNatural crowns make it possible to restore a tooth using a more natural colored replacement. Self-consciousness is common during the teenage years, so adolescent patients can definitely benefit from this piece of technology.

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