Times Have Changed

It used to be that family members lived in the same community, the same neighborhood and often in the same home. The family business typically employed several generations of the same clan. A pediatric dental practice typically treated more than one age of a particular family over a number of years. The continuity left no need for young parents to look for an outside source of reference when it came to the care of their children’s dental care. But that was then.

Today’s extended family members may be spread throughout the country. Parents looking for a pediatric dental home will have to rely on word of mouth from coworkers or new found friends and neighbors who are more familiar with the area. Another popular source is the internet.

Most well established dental practices have provided a business website outlining their services and listing their credentials. An important feature of the site is the patient review page. Parents tend to consider the opinions of other parents with high regard. If they can read about a positive experience from a parent of a current patient it can be a powerful influence in their decision.

Lining up potential dentists is just the first step in the process of choosing a pediatric specialist in Aurora. Parents want to know everything they can about the practice including information about the hygienists and dental assistants who will be caring for their children.

Busy family, work and school schedules have made convenience a top consideration. Parents would rather find a dentist whose office location is in close proximity to their home or workplace. The prospect of a wide range of treatments being offered under one dental roof is another big plus.

“My kids look forward to going to see the dentist…” “Dr. Patterson and the entire team were great….” Those are just a couple of excerpts from the positive reviews that parents have given to Epic Dentistry for Kids. Visit the website epicdentistryforkids.com to read more.