Dental Jokes!

Dental Jokes

Nothing brightens everyone’s day quite like a great joke! Did you know that dentists have a sense of humor too? A quick scroll through #DentalHumor on Twitter will prove it! We wanted to let you in on some of the fun by sharing some of our staff’s favorite dental jokes.


What does an orthodontist do on a roller coaster?

He braces himself!


What has teeth but can’t chew?

A comb.


What do you call a bear with no teeth?

A gummy bear.


What is a dentist’s favorite animal?

A molar bear.


Why did the doughnut go to the dentist?

He needed a filling!


What did the judge say to the dentist?

Do you swear to pull the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth?


What do you call George Washington’s false teeth?



Next time you find yourself looking for something to say to a dental professional, try one of these great jokes! Have any others? Make us laugh in the comments below!