Facing That First Procedure

Paditric First Dental Visit

If you have taken your child to a pediatric dentist from the get-go he is now used to the surroundings and the sounds of the office. Hopefully, he has had the same hygienist all along, one who will greet you and your child by name and take a genuine interest in your well-being.

Seeing familiar friendly faces, helping the dentist count their teeth and getting to choose the flavor of polish that the hygienist will use can be fun, but sooner or later the day will come when an actual dental procedure is appropriate.

Fear of the dentist isn’t a natural phenomenon for the child who is used to regular checkups and cleanings. It may be a bit of a traumatic event, however, for the parents. Dentists do have some words of wisdom for nervous parents.

Anxiety can be contagious. Children pick up on a difference in their parent’s mood, they notice when something is off. Dentists recommend that parents treat this appointment just like any other, not to make any more of it. In fact, there’s no need to discuss it in any detail at all, leave that part of it to the experienced professionals.

The most common first-time actual dental procedure is having a tooth filled. If parents do feel the need to talk to their child about it dentists suggest getting an older sibling or a classmate in on the conversation. It may put the child at ease knowing that someone else close to their own age or someone who they trust and look up to besides their parent has come through the procedure with flying colors.

Dr. Patterson of Epic Dentistry for Kids in Aurora believes in explaining a procedure step by step as he goes along so that the child will know exactly what to expect next – no surprises here. The care and comfort of every patient and earning the confidence of every parent are top priorities at Epic. Visit our website to read some of the positive reviews that the practice has received.