Pediatric Dental Care Is Special

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A general dentistry practice is able to offer a wide variety of services particular to the various ages of your family members. A pediatric dentist, on the other hand, is focused solely on the needs of your children from the time their first tooth erupts through to adulthood. Everything from the specialized tools used for dental procedures to the ambiance of the office and the people who work there is targeted to the interests of the patients and their parents.

Pediatric dentists and hygienists like to underline the importance of proper home care. They will work with parents to create a preventive program that kids will want to follow. There are some innovations on the market today that can help to do that. Instead of the typical toothbrush holder for instance, “plip clips” are shaped to look like animal heads that attach to the wall and hold the brush between uses.

Flossing is hard to do for some adults not to mention children. There is glow in the dark pre-strung flossing devices that are coated with fluoride and designed for easy maneuvering. “Tooth Tunes” are designed to play a 2-minute song while your child brushes – sure beat them having to count out those 120 seconds in their heads.

Setting a good example is so important. Dental professionals recommend that parents start by brushing right along with their child until he gets the hang of things. Diet is another factor in the battle against childhood cavities. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry encourages parents to strictly limit the amount of sugary soda and fruit juices that their children consume. Fluoridated tap water is a much better choice. Check with your local public water supplier to make sure that your drinking water contains a sufficient amount of fluoride.

The child who has experienced the care and consideration that is provided by an Aurora kids dentist will be well on his way to enjoying a lifetime of good oral health. Call Epic Dentistry for Kids and start your children off on the right foot. Call today @ 720-721-3600.