From Toddlers To Teens

pediatric dentist

Finding the right pediatric dentist is high on the “to do” list for parents who are moving to a new area or whose children are beginning the teething stage. When you consider that their pediatric dentist will be taking care of your children’s teeth from the time they start to erupt through to adulthood you can see how important a concern it is.

What do you look for? If you have more than one child you’ll want to find a dentist who caters to every age group, you don’t want to spend precious family time taking your toddler to one specialist and your first grader to another.

Hopefully you’ll get recommendations from friends or relatives but if that’s not an option online websites can be very helpful. Look to the internet for information about a pediatric dental practice in your area. You can find directions to the location along with contact information and a list of services offered. The patient or in most cases the parent reviews, are especially significant.

A well established pediatric dental practice will welcome parents to visit the office for a personal meet and greet and to get a first hand impression of the dental environment. Look for a kid friendly atmosphere that is geared to the interests of the children and the convenience of the parents.

A friendly office staff is an essential part of the package. Kids and parents alike are apt to experience a little bit of anxiety when getting ready to go to a new dentist for the first time. A warm welcome and a pleasant tone of voice can actually have a calming effect on all concerned.

The pediatric dentist is also trained to take care of their patient’s dental health through each stage of growth and development. Your pediatric dentist will be there for when your child’s baby teeth grow in until the time they need to get their wisdom teeth removed.  They can even help with orthodontic evaluations and specialist referrals, too.

Appointment scheduling is another factor, no one likes to feel rushed for time. A savvy scheduler will give the patients and their parents a little breathing room between the time they arrive for the appointment and the time to see the dentist or hygienist.

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