Start Them Off Right

As your child grows from one stage to another his needs will change. He’ll go from baby food to solids, he’ll start drinking from a sippy cup instead of a bottle, and so on. As soon as he shows signs of teething it’s time to start a regimen for good oral health.

A pediatric dentist will be the first to tell you that fluoride is necessary for the healthy development of a child’s teeth, but it must be used wisely and in a way that is appropriate to each phase of childhood. Toddlers for instance, aren’t really good at knowing not to swallow the toothpaste and it takes awhile for them to get the hang of spitting it out, so a fluoride toothpaste may have to wait until he learns how to brush properly. In the meantime the fluoride that he gets from a treated water supply will do.

It’s really important to start off on the right foot when it comes to getting your child to take an interest in brushing his teeth. The younger ones may get fidgety before the recommended two minutes of brushing is up. Your pediatric hygienist can give you plenty of ideas about how to make your child look forward to taking care of his teeth.

Kids just want to have fun. If you can make a game out of brushing their teeth you’re going to have more success in holding their interest. Try getting an older sibling involved. When they show little baby brother or sister how it’s done he or she will naturally want to follow suit. Children love to imitate their parents so feel free to step in and be a part of the action.

Even if your child isn’t ready for a fluoride toothpaste quite yet there are products aimed to attract their attention. Some toothpastes come in flavors, others in containers that are designed with kids in mind. A “super” figure or movie “princess” are examples. Pediatric dentists recommend soft bristle brushes. They too come with decals and stickers and are made to fit little hands.

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