Injury Can Be Traumatic

From the time a baby begins to crawl parents start to worry about injury. The toddler stage is a time of discovery when the child is realizing that he can get around on his own and is into everything he can reach. This is when parents try to “childproof” the home to make it as safe as possible while their little one is busy exploring the world around him.

Pre- school means daily contact with other children and playground activities that come with a different kind of risk. Parents might as well count on their children having some sort of accidental injury from falling off a teeter totter or swinging too high off the ground. And it doesn’t get better anytime soon.

Your Aurora pediatric dentist will tell you that a majority of incidents resulting in injury to the mouth and teeth are a result of a sports related activity. The injuries can range from a chipped tooth to the trauma that is caused by a tooth avulsion. Avulsion is the professional term that is used when a tooth has been completely dislodged from its socket and it definitely qualifies as a dental emergency.

As in all types of emergency situations time is of the essence when it comes to treating an oral injury. The window of opportunity for saving a tooth that has been lost is narrow. It’s not even attempted if the tooth is a primary since the procedure could impede the eruption of the permanent tooth.

It’s important that teachers and caregivers know what to do in the case of an injury. Your pediatric dentist will be happy to print out a checklist describing in detail what steps can be taken to help in bringing about a successful outcome for recovery. In times of trauma there is usually some level of panic, so knowing exactly what to do and when to do it may provide a higher sense of confidence.

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