Learn The Facts About Added Sugar Content

Parents are responsible for the health and well being of their young children.  That is why pediatric dentists set aside the time to discuss preventive methods with parents.  Their effort is made in the hope of getting the parents to realize the important role that diet plays in the fight against cavities.  One of the main issues that dentists put forth is the fact that sugar causes tooth decay.

Moms and dads are often misled by the ads and endorsements that they see on t.v. and read in magazines and it is easy to see why.  Who wouldn’t be impressed by the recommendation of a healthy looking, award winning sports figure?  And then there is the pressure by the kids themselves.  Sugary sports drinks are often represented as bodybuilding sources of strength and energy. Kids take these words literally and use them to argue that the drinks are full of essential vitamins and minerals when actually the high sugar content of these products makes them so unhealthy.

Even parents who pride themselves on being “health conscious” can be fooled.  Foods like cereal, yogurt and spaghetti sauce can contain enough  added sugar to put them far above the recommended daily level for children to absorb.

Pediatric dentists are so adamant about sugar restrictions because they know that the earlier a child starts to become aware of the importance of eating healthier foods the better off he will be.  But before children can benefit from a diet free of added sugar their parents have to be brought around to the revelation.

The fact is that parents may have inadvertently been encouraging their children’s love of sugar by associating it with parties and pleasurable times like holidays and birthdays.  But as research continues and more data about the detrimental effects of sugar accumulates the valuable knowledge will become widespread so that more parents – and their children – will benefit from it.

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