Track The Course Of The Progression Of Your Child’s Baby Teeth

Losing baby teeth sooner than expected doesn’t mean that the permanent ones will come in faster.  The fact is that just the opposite is true.  If a primary tooth is still in place a year after its time it is considered to be  “over-retained,” preventing the permanent replacement tooth from erupting on schedule.

If parents notice that some of their child’s baby teeth are slow in falling out they should make it a point to bring it to the attention of their pediatric dentist for evaluation.  He can examine the primary teeth and use x-rays to see what’s going on with the permanent ones that are still under the gumline.

The cause for the delay in the process could be that the permanent tooth is not correctly aligned to erupt or that it has been hindered by stress or infection.  In some cases the permanent tooth may become infused into the bone much like an implant, making further progression impossible.

Whatever the cause, over-retained primary teeth must be dealt with in order to prevent a multitude of dental problems including cavities and future gum disease.  Your pediatric dentist in Aurora will be able to determine the best treatment according to the results of his exam.

If there doesn’t seem to be anything basically wrong with the primary tooth it may be best to let it be and give it some more time to evolve on its own. The natural process is always the better course to take, but if the primary tooth is found to be blocking the eruption of a permanent tooth that is ready to come in the primary tooth may need to be extracted.

It’s important to keep close track of your child’s baby teeth and see your pediatric dentist on a regular basis so that any potential problems can be averted. Epic Dentistry for Kids encourages new patients and their parents to visit the office in Aurora and meet Dr. Lewis and her staff.  Call 720-721-3600 today to set up an appointment for your convenience.