Teething Is A Timely Process

A child’s first set of teeth begins to develop before he is born.  By the time of his birth your child will have a full set of 20 primary or “baby teeth.”  Of course they are still beneath the gum-line and will remain there to develop until they are ready to erupt.  Teething can begin at any time between the ages of three months to one year and by the time your child is three years old all of his baby teeth should be in place.

While there can be a great diversity in the timeline of tooth eruption among children there is a consistency in the order.  The two lower front teeth will be first to break through the gum tissue followed by the two front uppers.  These are the central incisors and are the most noticeable of all the teeth. Lateral incisors are the next to appear.  They will come in on either side of the lower and upper front teeth, the lower usually being first to arrive. The lateral incisors will be significant to the chewing process.

The canines or “eye teeth” complement the front teeth and are quite visible as well, but the canines are also known for their strength to sustain most of the pressure from chewing.  Because of the dual role that they play the canines are especially important.  The first molars complete the set of primary teeth.

Parents who have gone through the teething process will tell you that it is not always a pleasant time.  Some children breeze right through it but others suffer from symptoms like swollen gums, excessive drooling and general discomfort.  Your pediatric dentist in Aurora may suggest massage therapy, cooled teething rings or in some cases he may recommend an appropriate medication.

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