What Do You Really Know About The Food And Drinks Your Child Consumes?

You may think that those fruit roll-ups that your child likes so much are a good choice for a between meal snack. After all, it’s fruit, right? Wrong! Fruit roll-ups are just as bad for his teeth as that Tootsie Roll, Taffy or any other sweet, sticky candy. As a matter of fact so are the fruit juices that are so high in sugar content. The list of fresh fruits that are good for the teeth consists of apples, pears or any type of melon. These watery fruits help to wash away harmful acids that can erode tooth enamel.

Two of the more acidic citrus juices come from lemons and grapefruit. When you do offer a fruit juice to your child make it orange juice, the least acidic choice, but make sure they brush even after drinking orange juice.

It may not stick to your child’s teeth as much as the chewy types, but hard candy has its own drawbacks. Kids who suck on all day lollipops for instance, have that sugary residue in their mouths for a longer period of time giving it more opportunity to turn to acid. And if you’ve noticed, hard candies are usually flavored with citrus. On another level, your child could easily chip or break a tooth by biting down on a piece of hard candy.

You may not think of pickles as being necessarily bad for your teeth until you remember that they are made with vinegar, a very acidic ingredient. Pickles are a popular dressing for the hamburgers and cheeseburgers that our teenagers are so fond of, so be sure to warn them about eating too many.

Parents are well aware that children who drink too many sodas are at risk for getting cavities, but they may not know that the acid content in the cola is worse for their teeth than the sugar is. That is why diet drinks are not healthy substitutes – they may not have the sugar content, but they’re still carbonated.

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